Bhon Bhon Traditional Lighting Design

Our Couture Collection

Bhon Bhon Traditional offers new classics and old world craftsmanship. Our couture collection showcases the use of different colored silks for the lining and the exterior. These truly unique shades are handmade with the finest imported silks and premier papers in styles such as pleated, smocked, shirred and crystal pleated.

Bhon Bhon Lighting is highly regarded by interior design professionals in search of bespoke lighting and lampshades in traditional styles. Our custom fixtures and lampshades are featured in some of the finest residences and commercial spaces in the world.

Vintage Styles

Distinctive period fixtures evoke classic design, hence setting the tone for a space. We feature a collection of European and twentieth century American vintage lights. For lampshades, we use fine European linens and French and Japanese papers. We source different colored silks for linings and exteriors. The made-to-order designs are fashioned by hand in our New York workroom.

In addition, Bhon Bhon is experienced in the restoration and rewiring of vintage and antique lighting fixtures.

International Recognition

Bhon Bhon Lighting is based in New York, but we collaborate across the country and worldwide. Our designs are featured in residences and public spaces from Connecticut to Los Angeles, Palm Beach to Washington, DC and in many countries outside the US. Interior designers and decorators from around the world appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and artistry of Bhon Bhon Lighting and Lampshades.

Designer of Lamp shades, NYC, Connecticut, Washington DC Designer of Lamp shades, NYC, Connecticut, Washington DC Designer of Lamp shades, NYC, Connecticut, Washington DC
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Traditional lighting by Bhon Bhon