Bhon Bhon Contemporary Lighting Design

Our Modern Collection

Contemporary lighting design is an important focus of Bhon Bhon’s work. Our contemporary lighting designs are fresh and modern. Whether wall sconces, chandeliers or floor lamps, we design and craft lighting to set the mood and elevate the tone of any room. Our use of superior materials and time-tested production techniques enhances the clean lines and minimalist features of contemporary styles.

Lampshades and lighting fixtures by Bhon Bhon are hand crafted in our New York studio.

Bold Designs

Bhon Bhon uses only the highest quality lampshade materials. These range from hand-painted linens and silks to pierced leathers and the finest imported papers in a range of enticing colors. Our contemporary lampshades, reflecting the varying tastes of top designers, range from vibrant, playful designs and colors to sophisticated neutrals.

Contemporary Lighting Design Worldwide

Bhon Bhon Lighting caters to design professional worldwide. We welcome inquiries regarding our contemporary lighting design services. Please contact Bhon Bhon.

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